Friday, January 9, 2009

Distance Running with Roddy B.

My last post was November 10, 2008. That is long passed, (pre-Thanksgiving!) and I have now come back for a little more fun. I truly loved writing my thoughts in a format that others could comment on, and have since regretted my absence. It would be impossible to comment on all of the things that have happened in the political realm since my last posting, so I have decided to take this opportunity to instead comment of the current year's happenings. I would love to begin with the unfortunate (cough hilarious cough) tidbit that is Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.
In the news today, it was reported that Blago has in fact been impeached for his imprudent actions in selecting a replacement senator. As the unanimous decision was made, the governor was out jogging. Upon returning, he commented that his journey was a lonely one, similar to that of a distance runner. Excuse me? That is offensive to distance runners everywhere! Take me, for example. I originally did not appreciate Blago's comparison of the dedication, discipline, brains, and healthy lifestyle that typically dominates distance running to that of his deceitful, underhanded, self-serving actions. Sure, both categories have long roads ahead of them. Distance runners usually have actual road ahead though, while Roddy B. will be facing hard time and humiliation. However, runners usually are not unanimously publicly denounced by their peers. And yet, as I look at it, I can see the similarities. This man will not give up. Heck, he will appoint a senator rather than step down gracefully. I call that dedication. He was disciplined enough not to say the name of the man he was talking about exchanging money for power with on his wire tap. He was smart enough to... OK well this one falls short. And he goes jogging, so he clearly lives a healthy life!
The impressive fight that the governor has put up has inspired me. Tomorrow on my six mile training run, I will remember to hold on until the very last moment when all my muscles give up, and turn on me. It certainly has worked for my fellow distance runner.

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